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Jul 30 Windows 10 seems to be off to a good start

After the Launch of Microsoft's new Operating System Windows 10, we were curious how quick people would upgrade and what impact this would have to our userbase across our global Digital Identity Network. The results have been actually quite impressive and we see already over 2% of the transactions in our global network using Windows 10 as the operating system. We have...

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Jul 29 Flash is apparently indestructible

Adobe Flash has had better PR. The media went rampant on Flash for its constant vulnerabilities. Through the HackingTeam leak, there were at times 3 unpatched critical vulnerabilities present, many high profile researchers and journalists were calling on people to uninstall Flash, Mozilla put Flash on their blocklist (only enabled with Click-To-Play), yet Flash seems to be indestructible. We've seen Flash...

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