Discover who we are, what drives us to keep fraud at bay, and how to be a part of it all. We’re proud of our advanced platform, but we’re even prouder of our people.


Company Overview

One platform, multiple defenses. Protect online transactions, accounts and identities with integrated defenses. You’ll boost revenue by allowing real customers in—while keeping cybercriminals out.

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Board of Directors

They’ve earned respect—and trust. We’re proud to have these distinguished technical and financial experts serve as our advisers.

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Management Team

Years of collective experience. Yet our executives are still filled with fresh energy and ideas. We plan on remaining the security and fraud prevention leader for decades to come.

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Our Customers

Online businesses count on ThreatMetrix to authenticate payments, new accounts, and customers in real-time—without PII.

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Leading technology and reseller companies have partnered with ThreatMetrix to bring our innovative, market leading security and fraud prevention solutions to their customers.

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News & Events

Investigate the latest in anti-fraud events, viewpoints, and breakthroughs. Stay up-to-date with articles, expert opinions, press releases, and don't-miss calendar items.

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The ThreatMetrix™ Team consists of some of the most experienced cybersecurity and fraud analysts and engineers on the planet. Leverage our expertise to stamp out cybercrime in your organization

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If you’re for real, we want you. Since 2005, we’ve been building an online world where people always know who they can trust. If you’re a seasoned technology industry expert, join us in our quest for visionary products and services.

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