Businesses are facing a constant onslaught of cyber attacks. Prevent cybercriminals from compromising your users, taking over internal accounts and stealing sensitive corporate information.

Your business applications are increasingly accessed over the internet by internal employees, contractors, customers and corporate partners. At the same time the number and sophistication of web related attacks is at an all-time high. Cybercriminals are using a variety of techniques, including phishing attacks and web and browser-based malware to find ways to compromise and illegitimately access internal systems and data stores.

ThreatMetrix™ ensures that employees, contractors, customers and corporate partners connecting to web enabled business applications are who they claim to be, by detecting accounts that may be compromised and alerting security risk analysts before hackers log in to sensitive web applications. ThreatMetrix uses advanced device identification and session hijacking malware detection capabilities to pinpoint potentially malicious access requests. By doing so, enterprises can rest assured that their sensitive corporate information is accessed only by those who are authorized to use it.

Account Takeover Protection

When allowing internal employees and external business partners to access web-based applications, businesses must prevent unauthorized access to confidential corporate information. With ThreatMetrix you can secure your user accounts, ensure they are not compromised and are not a source of data theft.

ThreatMetrix account takeover protection detects compromised accounts across multiple dimensions, from understanding login attempts from suspicious devices and locations to detecting Trojans, Man-in-the-Browser malware, keyloggers, session hijacking and other web-applications attacks. Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Remove potential risk for user account takeover
  • Protect your business from unauthorized access and data breaches
  • Prevent logins from bots, illegitimate users or compromised devices
  • Detect phishing attempts and flag potentially compromised user accounts
  • Find sessions that are disguising their true location, or from locations outside of your business jurisdiction
  • Stop sessions from uncommon or suspicious computer configurations
  • Detect malware and targeted Trojans for users logged on to your web applications
  • Enforce compliance with IT security policies, and alert your IT team, including:
    • Antivirus status – installed, updated and active
    • Firewall status – installed and active
    • Encryption technology status
    • OS status – supported OS in use, latest security patches applied
    • Other software status – supported/patched versions of Adobe, Java, IE/Firefox, etc.
  • Protect user, customer and partner (BYOD) devices from malware targeting business information

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