Government agencies have to defend online applications against cyber-attacks. Deter individuals and foreign government actors from targeting your organization, compromising user accounts and stealing critical data.

Cybercriminals often target government sites for either political or cybercrime reasons. And with constituents and employees using a variety of insecure devices to access government services, it’s difficult to enforce adequate security.

Account Takeover Protection

Whether enabling remote access for employees or interacting online with constituents, government agencies must prevent unauthorized access to information. Hackers are constantly trying to infiltrate devices and systems inside agency networks, and embedding Advanced Persistent Threats deep within the organization. These persistent threats are then used to access sensitive data covertly and repeatedly. ThreatMetrix™ can help foil advanced persistent threats by ensuring that every access to applications hosting sensitive information is positively verified. ThreatMetrix uses advanced analytics to detect suspicious user accounts and stolen credentials that are being used to hack into government systems. ThreatMetrix can pinpoint:

  • Phishing attacks, and accounts that may have been compromised by such attacks
  • Logins from bots or compromised devices
  • Devices hiding behind proxies or spoofing IP address or location
  • Access attempts from outside your jurisdiction or beyond your borders
  • Sessions from uncommon, suspicious computer configurations
  • Compromised devices stealing data and damaging the integrity of your network

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