Insurance companies store a lot of critical personally identifiable information. Data breaches and fraud damage your business, your field agents and your insurance policy holders. Protect your brand and reassure your policy holders by protecting all avenues of access to critical personal information.

The insurance industry is a major playing field for cybercriminals. Hackers and cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to capitalize on the trust insurance carriers place in their partners – insurance brokers and field agents, to steal financial, medical and personal information. This includes using insurance carrier partners’ stolen account credentials and leveraging authenticated communication mechanisms.

ThreatMetrix’s insurance fraud protection ensures that brokers and field agents connecting to insurance carrier claims processing systems over the internet are who they claim to be, by detecting accounts that may be compromised and alerting insurance carriers before unauthorized access is permitted. ThreatMetrix uses advanced device identification and session hijacking malware detection capabilities to pinpoint potentially malicious requests. By doing so, insurance carriers can instill confidence in their stakeholders that their information is secure.

Account Takeover Protection

User accounts on your applications are critical entry points to various insurance business systems. Ensure that insurance brokers and field agents, who may not be employed by the insurance company and may be using their own laptops and mobile devices, are accessing critical information securely.

With ThreatMetrix’s insurance account takeover protection you can secure these user accounts, ensure they are not compromised and are not a source of unauthorized data access or fraud. ThreatMetrix detects fraud and compromised accounts across multiple dimensions, including:

  • Detect automated logins from bots and compromised devices
  • Find shared user accounts, including concurrent access and access from multiple locations
  • Alert on malicious software, including web-based and machine-resident malware
  • Spot access from suspicious locations, unrecognized computers or masked machines
  • Increase constituent trust in online services
  • Protect constituents from malware when using your site
  • Protect insurance broker and field agent devices from malware targeting claims systems

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