Stealing, hijacking, and counterfeiting aren’t social. Stop social networking scams while protecting legitimate members and protecting the integrity of your brand.

Fraudsters and scammers target online dating, gaming, social networking and virtual goods sites with stolen credit cards and hijacked credentials. Social websites have to defend users from fraudsters and stolen credentials, as well as criminals testing stolen credit cards.

Account Takeover Protection

Hackers are taking over legitimate social networking user accounts to commit fraud, send spam messages to other users and promote scams. With ThreatMetrix™ you can secure these user accounts, ensure they are not compromised and are not a source of unauthorized activity or fraud. ThreatMetrix detects compromised accounts across multiple dimensions.

  • Preserve user trust by preventing identity theft, account takeover, and other social networking scams
  • Detect criminals logging in with stolen credentials
  • Spot bots used to target social networking sites for financial gain
  • Prevent abusive behavior and logins from specific devices

Fraudulent New Account Registration

Fraudsters target social media networks to conduct a variety of illicit actions, including posting false reviews and other comments, spewing spam and other offensive material, and using the false identity to compromise legitimate user accounts. ThreatMetrix provides a risk-based solution that prevents miscreants from creating false accounts as follows:

  • Prevent criminals from opening fraudulent accounts to gain trust of unsuspecting community members
  • Prevent stolen credentials to create new identities and accounts
  • Flag suspicious accounts that may be used for bad conduct, spam or other malicious behavior in the community
  • Protect customers from false accounts that may be attempting to transfer funds out of real customer accounts
  • Protect bot and automated mechanisms from creating false users on your social media site

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