TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform

The TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform provides real-time, context-based authentication to reduce online fraud and protect access to mission critical enterprise applications. Leveraging our Global Trust Intelligence Network, the platform protects organizations from malware, hacking, account takeover, payment fraud, and fraudulent account registration.

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Profile Devices

ThreatMetrix provides the most advanced device identification and profiling available. Every device that accesses your website is positively and uniquely identified and screened for malware and anomalies that indicate a high-risk login or transaction. Leveraging our Global Trust Intelligence Network of real-time device, user, and behavior data, sophisticated technologies detect cookie wiping, hidden VPN/proxy usage and much more.

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Identify Threats

When a user accesses your website, cloud-based technologies detect the presence of malware that can facilitate fraud or jeopardize the security of your applications and data. Man-in-the-Browser, Trojans, and other malware threats are identified in real-time for your protection. Client based solutions can also be deployed for applications that require a secure browsing solution.

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Examine Users’ Identity and Behavior

Data from the Global Trust Intelligence Network provides comprehensive details about online user identities and behaviors such as username and password, email address, locations and more. This all-encompassing information is used to establish a dynamic, unique Persona ID for each of the organization’s end-users and customers. Additionally, ThreatMetrix customers can add private information to their own Persona DB, enhancing the data available to perform detailed user, device, and behavior analytics for every access and transaction in real-time.

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Configure Business Rules

ThreatMetrix offers a powerful yet easily customizable Policy Engine that allows you to model your business process and incorporate your own tolerance for risk. Risk scores incorporate identity, behavior and transactional anomalies.

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Validate Business Policy

ThreatMetrix allows customers to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies. Customer information and data can be shared across the entire Global Trust Intelligence Network.

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Enable Detailed Analysis

ThreatMetrix provides visualizations and analytical reports that enable your security and fraud analysts to see and understand the activities regarding your enterprise applications, and take the necessary steps to improve security and reduce fraud.

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