Make sure your user authentication solution is tuned to address your business’s specific risk tolerance.

Staying ahead of ever-changing and advancing fraud methods is a growing challenge. That’s why ThreatMetrix™ developed the industry’s most adaptive and advanced authentication solution, helping you identify fraudsters and hackers before they can access mission-critical applications.

With ThreatMetrix, you have all the tools to understand and create the business policies your application needs—and establish the rules to enforce them.

Define Your Own Risk Tolerance

ThreatMetrix offers a highly-configurable system for defining business rules to manage the risk assessment of each site visit. Device ID and anomalies, the presence of malware, associated user identities and accounts, user behavior, transactional anomalies, and many other factors can all be considered in evaluating risk.

Automated Policy Score

Using local data supplied by ThreatMetrix client companies in conjunction with information from the Global Trust Intelligence Network, each site visitor is evaluated against the custom policy for that type of transaction. All rules and hundreds of variables are evaluated in real time against billions of transactions across the Network.

The resulting policy score is calculated automatically, providing a clear picture of each transaction’s risks and allowing your business to confidently approve, deny, or flag it for further review.

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