To adapt to new online threats, understand past behavior. The ThreatMetrix™ reporting portal is a powerful administrative tool that permits easy visual analysis.

The ThreatMetrix reporting portal provides authorized security and fraud analysts with a single user interface from which they can perform comprehensive business analytics and administer all security and fraud prevention functions. Users can securely access this online security reporting and analysis tool from any web browser.

The ThreatMetrix portal enables deep analytics capabilities via highly sophisticated cross-referencing and analysis. Administrators can see reports showing details of device attributes, decrypted identities, and transaction contents. Armed with this information, they can easily understand linked transactions, identities, and past behavior across users, devices, industries, threat vectors, and applications.

This online reporting and analysis tool also provides a sophisticated reporting and dashboard framework, for longer-term analysis of threats to your mission-critical applications. Access ad hoc as well as defined reports, or engage ThreatMetrix Professional Services to create custom reports based on unique requirements. Visualize and analyze potential high-risk attacks to better understand the threat landscape, and adjust the analytics engine for your specific business’s risk profile.

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