Threat intelligence? It’s all in your online identity and behavior. An authentication solution that does not incorporate complete information about user identities and activities will not be effective.

Only ThreatMetrix enables the capture, examination, and retention of comprehensive details regarding online identities and behavioral attributes required to develop a trusted identity.

In addition to the discovery of over 200 device attributes associated with every site visitor, ThreatMetrix incorporates substantial supplementary information including username/password, email addresses, and bill to/ship to information, as well as up to 25 user attributes for every user in the Global Trust Intelligence Network. Through related transactions, these behavioral attributes are transformed into an online Persona ID.

Any incoming logins, payments, transactions, or new account requests are evaluated in real time against the Persona IDs in the Global Trust Intelligence Network, to help distinguish returning good customers and legitimate users from fraudsters. Known good customers and users can be treated with confidence, reducing user friction such as step-up or out-of-band authentication and delays caused by additional reviews. Bad customers, on the other hand, can be immediately identified and efficiently dealt with.

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