Devices containing malware enable criminals to steal user credentials and commit fraud. Make sure the desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets connecting to your site have not been compromised.

Today’s criminals are very capable of infecting every type of device with malware specifically designed to penetrate your defenses, often resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Attacks come in many forms including phishing attacks, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), Trojans, viruses, key-loggers, rootkits, browser redirection and more.

ThreatMetrix™ provides a real-time solution that analyzes all devices connecting to your website, detecting and addressing threats from dangerous malware, suspicious anomalies, and dubious connection paths.

TrustDefender™ Cloud: Web-based Device & Threat Assessment

TrustDefender Cloud is a seamless SaaS based solution that analyzes devices accessing your internet-facing web applications via browsers, detecting the presence of browser and web session-based malware, including Trojans and Man-in-the-Browser attacks.

TrustDefender Cloud uses web scripts that employ a variety of techniques to collect information about the endpoint device and its state of health. Capabilities include:

  • Malware forensics to identify web and session-based malware present in the browser session – even zero-day malware.
  • Packet fingerprinting to detect web browser spoofing and masked users that may indicate the presence of malware.
  • Patented page fingerprinting techniques to detect any page modification in real time.
  • Comprehensive IP, geo-location and user account information to detect true IP and phished accounts that may indicate malware infection.

TrustDefender Client: Client-Based Threat Assessment

For financial service and other industries that require the utmost in protection, a small downloadable client for the end device is also available. Augmenting ThreatMetrix SaaS based protection, TrustDefender Client performs a security health check on the end device before initiating a session with your protected website. “Safe and Secure” browsing isolates and secures the session from malware that may exist on the device, and optionally restricts sessions to white-listed applications.

TrustDefender Client:

  • Mitigates phishing attacks by verifying that the website is the authentic and intended site.
  • Validates endpoint device security – checking firewall and antivirus status, and alerting the user to any problems before they submit passwords or credentials, thus protecting the user and the enterprise.
  • Looks for hidden malware and removes it if possible: including keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, kernel level anomalies, application level vulnerabilities, and more.
  • Performs network and transaction forensics to ensure safe communications and transactions between the client and protected applications.
  • Provides a secure browsing environment, limiting sessions to white-listed applications and isolating any undetected threats – preventing them from operating or participating in the session.
  • “Locks down” the transaction session with the enterprise, preventing connections to foreign or untrusted servers during the session.

TrustDefender Mobile: Mobile Device Data Collection

ThreatMetrix TrustDefender Mobile allows you to extend ThreatMetrix’s capabilities to mobile devices. TrustDefender Mobile equips your app developers with a set of APIs that can be integrated within your mobile app, giving your app a malware-protected channel and providing secure user sessions and transactions.

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