Positively ID the device, its risk profile, and who or what is really behind it.

Giving your customers and users complete flexibility to conduct business from any device and location is extremely beneficial to your business. Unfortunately, this flexibility gives criminals numerous access points to exploit in their efforts to gain unauthorized entry or commit fraud.

ThreatMetrix™ provides a real-time solution that, in addition to checking all devices for malware, profiles each device connecting to your website, positively and individually identifying each one, and detecting anomalies that indicate high risk or potential fraud. And by leveraging our Global Trust Intelligence Network, Persona ID, Persona DB, and Trust Tag capabilities, ThreatMetrix associates individual devices with actual users – at a level of accuracy and depth that’s simply not available in other solutions.

Since these capabilities are standard features, ThreatMetrix customers don’t have to build and maintain elaborate solutions to track which devices are associated with which users, or which users have already passed step-up authentication or which users are already trusted.

TrustDefender™ Cloud: Web-based Device & Threat Assessment

TrustDefender Cloud is a seamless cloud-based solution that profiles the desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets accessing your internet-facing web applications via browsers. In addition, it also detects the presences of malware on compromised devices. It establishes a profile from over 200 unique attributes to definitively identify and distinguish between legitimate and malicious users.

TrustDefender Cloud uses web scripts employing a variety of techniques to collect a wide array of data attributes from the endpoint device, including:

  • Detailed web browser, URI, header and session attributes from the device
  • Comprehensive IP, geo-location and user account information to detect true IP and phished accounts
  • Tagless device identification that creates a unique fingerprint for every device

TrustDefender Client : Client-Based Threat Assessment

TrustDefender Client provides deep device profiling on client machines via a small downloadable client. TrustDefender Client utilizes sophisticated forensics to gather deep machine-resident information from the end-point device, including:

  • Kernel Forensics – for rootkits and kernel level anomalies on the system
  • OS Forensics – for OS level hacks including keyloggers and Trojans
  • Application Forensics – for application-level vulnerabilities that enable data breaches
  • Network Forensics – for secure communication between the client and the business application
  • Transaction Forensics – for transactional attributes to ensure the application request is secure

TrustDefender Mobile: Mobile Device Data Collection

ThreatMetrix TrustDefender™ Mobile allows you to extend device and persona profiling to mobile devices, securing user sessions and transactions that come through your dedicated app. TrustDefender Mobile gives your mobile app developers a set of APIs that can be embedded into your mobile app. TrustDefender Mobile provides the following capabilities:

  • Hardware Fingerprinting – the ability to collect non-personal data attributes directly from the mobile device
  • Browser Attributes – collection of URI, browser and session information from the mobile HTML-based clients
  • Mobile Application Analysis – provides an integrity check of its hosting app to detect tampering or malware infection. It also scans all installed mobile applications to check for malware and verify their reputation.

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