Legitimate users may not return to sites that challenge them unnecessarily.

One of the biggest issues security administrators face is detecting fraudsters and hackers without turning away or inconveniencing good consumers and employees.

Administrators need effective tools to validate that their policies and business rules are optimally tuned, without unnecessarily adding friction by challenging or denying trustworthy users.

ThreatMetrix™can automatically set or update device and individual persona elements in the Global Trust Intelligence Network with Trust Tags. These digital labels indicate levels of positive or negative trust, allowing subsequent transactions to be processed quickly and accurately.

For example, businesses typically will not have a history of new customers or their devices. The ThreatMetrix policy engine can query Trust Tags on the user’s device and persona attributes across the global network. If the combination of the user and device has positive Trust Tags, the business can approve the user’s actions with confidence.

If Trust Tags have not yet been set, the business can perform step-up authentication and then apply the appropriate Trust Tags. This certifies the visitor and their device as genuine, and reduces the need for step-up authentication in the future.

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