Explore cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions tailored for your business. Learn how ThreatMetrix™ can help you address the most common enterprise security and online fraud scenarios threatening your organization.

Advanced Fraud Prevention


Account Takeover

Fraudsters and hackers are experts at stealing usernames and passwords. ThreatMetrix prevents criminals from taking advantage of stolen credentials, protecting your customers and your business from having your users’ accounts compromised.

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Payment Fraud

ThreatMetrix adds a layer of security at key points in your business process allowing you to maximize revenue while minimizing payment fraud losses. The ThreatMetrix solution to prevent payment fraud verifies the authenticity of your customers when they conduct sensitive or high value activities, like accessing sensitive information, changing account details or executing banking transactions.

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Fraudulent Account Registration

Creating a fraudulent account using stolen or false credentials can lead to devastating financial losses. Fraudsters and hackers often rely on fake accounts to gain access to web applications and perform reconnaissance before launching a cyberattack. Prevent malicious users from registering new accounts using the TrustDefender Cybercrime Prevention Platform.

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Multi-Channel Web Fraud

Fraudsters can exploit cracks in Enterprise security that are created by a lack of communication between business units. Major corporations are often compromised using techniques that cross organizational boundaries– Ensure that your security solution is able to protect against complex multi-channel attacks.

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Context Based Authentication


Remote Workforce Access

Mission critical web based applications are constantly at risk of unauthorized access, and remote employees who log on using their own devices create a very complex security challenge. Prevent sensitive data from illegitimate access by ensuring that it is really your remote employees, contractors and partners who are accessing your internal applications.

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Frictionless Two-Factor Authentication

Cyber attackers use countless techniques to get the information they need to hack into your enterprise applications. But nearly all of them ultimately break in using the same method – they take over legitimate user accounts using stolen or cracked user IDs and passwords. ThreatMetrix provides transparent two–factor authentication to keep hackers out while granting easy, frictionless access to legitimate users.

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