Keeping hackers out without complicating the authentication process for legitimate users is a huge problem. Enterprises must also accommodate the numerous device types of a remote workforce, each with their own security needs and implications.

ThreatMetrix™ helps enterprises meet these security challenges by providing the industry’s most comprehensive and complete solution for context based authentication.


Remote Workforce Access

Mission critical web based applications are constantly at risk of unauthorized access, and remote employees who log on using their own devices create a very complex security challenge. Prevent sensitive data from illegitimate access by ensuring that it is really your remote employees, contractors and partners who are accessing your internal applications.

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Frictionless Two-Factor Authentication

Cyber attackers use countless techniques to get the information they need to hack into your enterprise applications. But nearly all of them ultimately break in using the same method – they take over legitimate user accounts using stolen or cracked user IDs and passwords. ThreatMetrix provides transparent two–factor authentication to keep hackers out while granting easy, frictionless access to legitimate users.

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Workforce Single Sign-On

Corporate network perimeters have virtually disappeared due to the evolution of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud-based applications that provide employee, partner and contractor access. As a result enterprises must identify new approaches for securing access to corporate applications and digital assets. The integration of ThreatMetrix with single sign on solutions leverages context-based authentication and single sign-on, enabling enterprises to deliver secure, frictionless access to their business applications for their entire workforce.

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Customer Single Sign-On

Customers expect a single sign-on experience to all the services you offer. But when the authentication is based on passwords alone, neither you nor your customers are sufficiently protected. ThreatMetrix™ easily integrates with customer oriented Single Sign-On solutions to provide frictionless two-factor, context based authentication without impacting your customers’ experience.

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