The Problem: Are cybercriminals using stolen identities to apply for credit or loans? Providing new accounts is like giving people keys to your front door. Be careful about who you let in. Use ThreatMetrix™ to prevent criminals and others from creating fraudulent accounts.

Fraudulent account registration is a significant problem for many businesses. Social networks need to protect communities from people using fake identities to exploit community trust. Financial services institutions must detect when stolen identities are used to apply for credit or loans. And e-commerce sites should watch for criminals creating fake accounts to test stolen credit cards.

Using the TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform is like a having a highly-trained security team at your door. It helps you identify and filter out unwanted guests, by looking closely for suspicious behavior and known problems.

Look Behind Online Disguises

The advanced business processes included in the TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform provide superior analysis of new account registration to find identity mismatches, suspicious behavior and other red flags—in real time.

  • Find people hiding behind proxies or disguising their true location, IP address or device
  • Look for a single device creating many accounts
  • Filter out registrations from known malicious devices
  • Detect computer-generated names and emails, and botnets automating account creation

Trusted Access for Online Customers

The TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform is the leading fraudulent account registration prevention solution. It delivers comprehensive visitor assessment built on a powerful Global Trust Intelligence Network. Employing a sophisticated process to screen out fraudsters and hackers, it nevertheless gives customers and employees frictionless access to mission-critical applications.

Profile Devices and Identify Threats
ThreatMetrix profiles the desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets accessing your website, and identifies anomalies and malware threats that indicate a high-risk transaction.

Examine Users’ Identity and Activity
ThreatMetrix analysis incorporates comprehensive details about online user identities and behaviors, such as username and password, email address, associated devices, and more, into a dynamic Persona ID.

Configure Business Rules
ThreatMetrix offers a powerful yet easily customizable Policy Engine that allows you to model your business process and incorporate your organization’s tolerance for risk.

Validate Business Policy
ThreatMetrix allows customers to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies.

Enable Detailed Analysis
ThreatMetrix provides visualizations and analytical reports, enabling security and fraud analysts to understand the activity occurring on their web applications—and giving them actionable information to improve security and reduce fraud.

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