Where Are Your Customers and Business Partners Really Located?

Criminals and terrorists use sophisticated techniques to hide their true location, and many banks or other businesses become victims of such location spoofing – thus violating OFAC regulations that prohibit business transactions with specific countries, entities, or individuals.

The Office of Foreign Asset Control or OFAC, administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions against foreign countries and entities. All U.S. and many foreign businesses, banks in particular, must abide by OFAC regulations to ensure they don’t unwittingly transact with illegal entities.

Complying with OFAC requires organizations to know where their customers and clientele are located. Unfortunately, criminals and terrorists frequently use proxy servers, TOR networks, or additional methods to hide their true locations. Organizations relying on IP addresses and other outdated location technologies can be fooled, and perform transactions with individuals or entities in forbidden areas, thus violating OFAC regulations.

ThreatMetrix™ Solution for OFAC Compliance

The ThreatMetrix TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform is a unique and powerful solution that enables banks and other organizations to significantly enhance their ability to comply with OFAC regulations.

TrustDefender uses advanced technology to accurately detect location spoofing and determine the user’s true location – ensuring end users are not located in illegal countries or regions. TrustDefender provides organizations with an accurate assessment of suspicious account registrations and transactions, and the ability to instantly determine if any given request or transaction should be blocked, prohibited, or accepted according to OFAC regulations.

ThreatMetrix utilizes real-time advanced device profiling and data from the largest shared global trust intelligence network to detect proxy use and evaluate the entire context surrounding each transaction. This includes:

  • Device analytics: Composed of uniquely identifying each device, determining its location, association with the user, and ties to criminal activity or hacker rings; detecting the presence of proxies, anonymizers, bots or malware; and exposing other anomalies that may indicate fraudulent locations, hacking or a compromised device.
  • Identity analytics: Pinpointing the end user’s association(s) with trusted entities, or any history or affiliation with crime, fraud, or hacking activities.
  • Behavior analytics: Analyzes normal login patterns such as login frequencies, locations, typical access times, login names, and devices used.

TrustDefender’s transparent process is easily deployed, and quickly enables organizations to comply with OFAC policies and avoid doing business with fraudsters, criminals, and terrorists.

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