Risk occurs when employees remotely access mission-critical enterprise applications from personal devices. ThreatMetrix™ addresses these challenges, with a comprehensive process that restores trust in online application access.

Providing employees and partners with remote access to mission-critical applications offers real benefits for businesses, including better agility, improved productivity, and reduced operating costs. Security concerns remain manageable—as long as enterprise IT maintains strict control over end user devices.

The world of secure application access has changed overnight, however, as more diverse, potentially insecure devices are used to access enterprise applications. There’s no avoiding the Bring Your Own Device trend, particularly if your workforce includes mobile employees, contractors, consultants or partners. But how can you give distributed workers access from devices of their choice without falling prey to fraudsters and hackers? In the BYOD environment, it’s easier than ever to use stolen credentials and access corporate IP or regulated information.

Traditional security solutions fall short, and best practices are still emerging. To achieve the full advantages of BYOD while mitigating risk, you need flexible and cost-effective threat prevention. ThreatMetrix solutions detect and prevent identity takeover and IP theft, allowing enterprises to embrace the BYOD trend (and its benefits) without sacrificing security.

Account Takeover Protection

Granting employees and business partners access to web-based applications provides vast benefits for businesses. But businesses must also prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. With ThreatMetrix you can secure your user accounts, ensuring that they are neither compromised nor a source of data theft. ThreatMetrix account takeover protection uses a comprehensive user screening process including:

Profile Device and Identify Threats
ThreatMetrix profiles the desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets accessing your website, and identifies anomalies and malware threats that indicate a high risk transaction.

Examine Users’ Identity and Activity
ThreatMetrix analysis incorporates comprehensive details about online user identities and behaviors, such as username and password, email address, associated devices, and more, into a dynamic Persona ID.

Configure Business Rules
ThreatMetrix offers a powerful yet easily customizable Policy Engine, allowing you to model your business process and incorporate your own tolerance for risk.

Validate Business Policy
ThreatMetrix allows customers to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies.

Enable Detailed Analysis
ThreatMetrix provides visualizations and analytical reports, enabling security and fraud analysts to understand the activity occurring on their web applications and giving them actionable information to improve security and reduce fraud.

Simplify BYOD Security

The TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform lets legitimate users access your critical business applications safely from their choice of devices, while identifying malicious threats in real time. Because it is independent of client devices, it is fast to implement and easy to maintain. And all components and capabilities are integrated in one centrally-managed platform.

Click here to learn all about ThreatMetrix’s patented technologies and how their security prevents remote access hacks.

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