ThreatMetrix™ is an innovation leader in the cybercrime and fraud prevention space, and has the following market leading technologies in its portfolio.


Global Trust Intelligence Network

ThreatMetrix profiles tens of millions of users and their devices every day and processes hundreds of millions of transactions every month. Tap into this Global Trust Intelligence Network and obtain the most accurate security and fraud prevention capability available.

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Persona DB

Persona Database is an extensible, enterprise-accessible database that allows organizations to privately and securely store and retrieve identifying attributes, characteristics, and behaviors associated with their users and customers.

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Trust Tags

Trust Tags are important elements within the ThreatMetrix Global Trust Intelligence Network. These digital labels can be applied to various combinations of entities within a user’s persona to indicate the trustworthiness of the user, whether it is a customer accessing online services or an employee using company business applications.

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Global Policy Engine

Leverages aggregated information and patterns collected from thousands of websites globally and combines those with your specific business rules to provide a real-time risk assessment for each site visitor.

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Persona ID

We don't need to know your name to know who you are. Persona Identification builds a complete profile of users and then compares your website visitors to its Persona IDs to understand if a visitor is not who they say they are.

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Device Identification

ThreatMetrix cloud-based, real-time complex device identification and identity verification solution protects companies against cybercriminals and helps validate valuable returning customers and prospects. ThreatMetrix's complex device identification protects all online access and transaction requests, including remote employee access, account creation, login authentication and payment authorization.

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Man-in-the-Browser Detection

ThreatMetrix provides a cloud-based, real-time solution that helps companies identify illegitimate users, potential fraud, malware, man-in-the browser (MitB) and Trojan attacks, and data breaches. It mitigates the risk of hidden malware compromising authenticated sessions to steal data, identities or money.

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Proxy and VPN Detection

ThreatMetrix proxy and VPN detection unmasks malicious users who are trying to cover their tracks by hiding behind proxy and VPN servers. Proxy and VPN detection helps you screen out web visitors that may be pretending to be somewhere they are not.

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Secure Browsing

ThreatMetrix's secure browsing solution incorporates patent-pending technology, and is a client-based, real-time solution that protects transactions against fraud, malware, and data breaches. A small client component installed on end-user computers identifies and isolates malware, verifies legitimate websites and protects online transactions with your site.

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Mobile Device Identification and Malware Detection

With their growing popularity, smartphones and tablets are particularly susceptible to compromise, malware and theft. TrustDefender™ Mobile embeds risk intelligence into your mobile apps, protecting your business from fraud originating from these unsecured devices.

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