Criminals exploit the anonymity of online transactions for everything from using stolen credit cards to impersonating other people. Advanced device identification technologies can find people who are not who they claim to be.

ThreatMetrix™ provides a cloud-based, real-time device identification and identity verification solution that protects companies against cybercriminals and helps validate valuable returning customers and prospects. ThreatMetrix protects all types of online transactions including account creation, login authentication and payment authorization.

While other device identification technologies can be fooled by sophisticated cybercriminals, it’s hard to hide from ThreatMetrix’s complex device identification. It uses multiple methods to expose an individual’s intent hidden in the attributes of the user’s device.

ThreatMetrix supports two separate and distinct approaches to identify devices:

  • ThreatMetrix SmartID™ improves your ability to detect returning visitors, especially those trying to elude identification, and reduces false positives
  • ThreatMetrix ExactID™ relies on a variety of persistent markers (browser cookies, Adobe Flash cookies, HTML 5 local storage) that allow ThreatMetrix to 100% accurately identify a device

ThreatMetrix is uniquely able to uncover hackers and fraudsters trying to cover their true location by hiding behind VPN servers. ThreatMetrix’s VPN detection ability distinguishes between normal IPs and VPN based IP addresses. ThreatMetrix also brings phishing detection to security and fraud analysts, and detects when an organization’s employee, user or customer may be the target of a phishing attack. ThreatMetrix uniquely understands the IP address a customer is coming from, and by using additional context about the referring URL, can determine when the customer’s web session has been compromised by phishing.

In addition, ThreatMetrix is capable of detecting hidden proxies, true OS and origin as well as providing satellite, dial-up and mobile wireless detection. With a foundation of intelligent packet and browser fingerprinting, the powerful combination of ThreatMetrix SmartID cookieless device identification and ThreatMetrix ExactID allows you to catch criminal activity with zero false-positives.

Device Identification Technologies

Unique Technology Unique Advantage
SmartID Identify returning visitors that wipe cookies, use private browsing, and change IP addresses.
ExactID This persistent, global identifier allows identification of suspicious activity at other sites.
Device anomaly detection Instantly identify device anomalies such as mismatched time zones, language settings, and browser/OS combinations.


ThreatMetrix SmartID is cookieless, and is based exclusively on device attributes. Because two or more devices may have similar attributes, and because a device’s attributes will change over time due to upgrades and regular use, SmartIDs have a corresponding confidence score to indicate how reliable the SmartID is.

ThreatMetrix ExactIDs are “global,” allowing ThreatMetrix to track suspicious activity across ThreatMetrix customers.

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