Shared Global Trust Intelligence
A Collective Response to Cybercrime

Organizations involved in cybercrime are extremely well funded, efficient and employ very talented individuals.  A prime example of the sophistication of attacks and profit-motivated information exchange is the evil nexus between enterprise data breaches and online fraud. Specialist hackers focus on gaining access to enterprise systems and steal millions of credit cards and identity data. Using underground networks and messaging systems, hackers connect with fraud rings across the globe to sell credit card and identity data. Due to the nature of online businesses and with technologies such as proxies and VPN, fraud rings are able to launch global fraud attacks from anywhere in the world.

To successfully address such sophisticated threats requires every organization to expend significant resources.  Companies must deploy measures that provide security without reducing revenues or impacting workforce productivity.  And since budgets are always and issue, the security measures must meet fairly stringent cost of ownership requirements.  Even the best efforts of organizations are often insufficient due to limited visibility into the methods and tactics of fraudsters and hackers.

Threatmetrix has designed a comprehensive solution that can discover and defeat organized crime rings.  The foundation of the solution rests on the ability for each customer to gain access to anonymized shared global trust intelligence generated by transactions and events across the entire customer base.

Every day ThreatMetrix profiles tens of millions of users and their devices, and processes hundreds of millions of login, payment and wire transfers every month. ThreatMetrix’s shared global trust intelligence combines device identification, threat assessments, identity and behavioral intelligence. This information resides in the Global Trust Intelligence Network where these components are combined to build a holistic online persona that every access request, login and payment is analyzed against. The result is an extremely accurate, instantaneous risk assessment for the submitted application requests based on real-world data. The network can be used to analyze logins, payments, new account registrations and remote access attempts, evaluating the data relating to both the user and their associated devices from all channels, including desktop, laptops, web browsers and dedicated mobile apps.

Global Trust Intelligence Network

  • Online Identities: Use ThreatMetrix complex device identification (ExactID™ and SmartID™) combined with Identity and Behavioral Intelligence to instantly assess the risk of any visitor to your web application – the first time they browse to your site
  • Global Visibility: Leverage the collective intelligence of ThreatMetrix’s entire customer base anonymously to distinguish between returning customers and cybercriminals
  • Cross-Industry Data: Understand the behavior that visitors have exhibited during  their activity across a variety of industries, web applications and sites – to inform your access policy holistically and in real-time.

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