A rapidly increasing number of online transactions originate from specialized apps on mobile devices.  With their growing popularity, smartphones and tablets are particularly susceptible to compromise, malware and theft.

Mobile devices like smart phones lack native device identifiers to aid in fraud detection. Because of this reason, applying consistent fraud detection and risk management to mobile application access and transactions has been a huge challenge.

TrustDefender™ Mobile is an embeddable library for smartphone APIs for all the common mobile platforms. TrustDefender Mobile uses anonymous mobile device identification and recognition characteristics to provide insight into the risk associated with every device and user. It creates cross-validation device fingerprints to support comprehensive fraud screening across both browser and mobile application transactions.

TrustDefender Mobile embeds risk intelligence into mobile apps to protect businesses from fraud originating from these unsecured mobile devices. TrustDefender Mobile brings the cloud based capabilities like VPN Detection, Geo-Location, True OS and a host of other device and session verification capabilities of the ThreatMetrix™ Global Trust Intelligence Network to mobile platforms.

Using TrustDefender Mobile, businesses and organizations can:

  • Ensure their dedicated mobile apps have security and fraud prevention embedded in them
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and stolen identities from mobile applications
  • Detect anomalous transactions from mobile applications, including smartphones and devices compromised by malware
  • Use a single platform to detect and manage suspicious transactions across mobile applications and browsers in real-time, leveraging the ThreatMetrix Global Trust Intelligence Network

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Fraud Protection for Native Mobile Applications

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