Mobile devices lack many of the security features found in larger computing platforms. Native device identifiers are weak or missing altogether, and malicious code that steals identities, passwords, and account information is often present in commonly downloaded apps.

TrustDefender™ Mobile is an embeddable library for mobile device applications. Available for all common mobile platforms, TrustDefender Mobile uniquely identifies each mobile device when it connects to your website, and analyzes all installed apps for threats or malware that can compromise the device and perpetrate crime.

Leveraging the full power of the ThreatMetrix™ Global Trust Intelligence Network and the TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform, TrustDefender Mobile also provides VPN Detection, Geo-Location, True OS identification, and a host of other device and session verification capabilities.

Using TrustDefender Mobile, businesses and organizations can:

  • Use a single platform to uniquely identify and see the risk associated with every mobile device and user across both browser and mobile app transactions.
  • Detect anomalous transactions from mobile devices, including those compromised by malware.
  • Secure your organization’s apps and the environment they run in. Easily build security and fraud prevention into your dedicated mobile apps by embedding TrustDefender Mobile.
  • Validate the integrity of your apps. TrustDefender Mobile verifies that the application in which it is embedded has not been modified or infected.
  • Detect Mobile Malware. For Android-based systems, all apps installed on the device are analyzed for malicious code using Webroot’s mobile app reputation service.

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