Cybercriminals and hackers don’t behave like trusted users or customers. Persona ID performs behavioral analysis of a user’s activity to develop a unique “persona” for those accessing your website.

ThreatMetrix™ Persona ID provides real-time visitor screening by analyzing the data and historic context available from our Global Trust Intelligence Network. Persona ID uses entity association to connect users with their related attributes and activity, such as email addresses, credit cards, transactions, accounts, devices, IP addresses, geographical range, proxies and the like to create a comprehensive picture of the user – their “Persona”.

Any incoming logins, payments/transactions or new account requests are evaluated against the corresponding Personas in real-time, enabling ThreatMetrix to distinguish legitimate users and customers from fraudsters in real-time. Logins and transactions are identified by:

  • Analyzing past behavior and assessing deviation from the norm, considering the age and frequency of past attributes related to the current transaction
  • Linking the current transaction to past accept/reject/review outcomes of related transactions
  • Looking for associations of the current transaction to known positive (trusted) or malicious (high risk) attributes of a behavior

Armed with Persona ID and the entire context surrounding each login and transaction, ThreatMetrix is very effective at stopping fraudsters and removing friction for legitimate individuals.

ThreatMetrix customers can also enhance the data available via the Global Trust Intelligence Network with their own private data via the Persona DB. The Persona DB is an optional feature that gives organizations an extensible database to privately and securely store and retrieve additional identifying attributes, characteristics, and behaviors associated with their users and customers.

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