Hackers and fraudsters routinely employ technical masks to cover their tracks and hide their true physical location. Proxies and VPNs are easily accessible tools in the fraudsters’ arsenal. ThreatMetrix™ allows you to uncover these masks to identify malicious users and their true intentions.

Fraudsters rely on the use of proxy and VPN services to hide their IP addresses, and hence their true locations. These masks allow fraudsters to fool current web security technologies. Fraudsters pretend they are coming from a relevant location characteristic of the target business’ customer base. They also are able to cover their tracks, making recovery of the theft impossible. Connections from behind proxies and VPN servers are extremely difficult to detect, and this technique has allowed fraudsters to continue to operate unfettered.

Unmask cybercriminals hiding behind proxies and VPN servers.

ThreatMetrix is capable of detecting hidden proxies, true OS and origin as well as providing satellite, dial-up and mobile wireless detection. With a foundation of intelligent packet and browser packet analysis, ThreatMetrix allows you to pierce the proxy and uncover the malicious user’s true IP address with zero false-positives.

ThreatMetrix is also uniquely able to uncover hackers and fraudsters trying to cover their true location by hiding behind VPN servers. ThreatMetrix has developed a unique VPN detection capability that:

  • Captures additional TCP/IP packet header attributes
  • Analyzes the network connection type from an originating device, such as Ethernet, 3G, WiFi, VPN and others
  • Enables new sets of policies and alerts for fraud prevention
  • Distinguishes between normal IPs and VPN based IP addresses

Organizations now have a more accurate assessment of suspicious transactions based on the IP address, geolocation and other attributes being hidden through a proxy or VPN server, and can instantly determine if any given web request or transaction should be accepted, rejected or held for manual review.

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