For decades, hackers all over the world have been collaborating with each other—building a dark army to carry out their crimes.  With Trust Tags, ThreatMetrix allows its customers around the globe to fight back as never before, by recognizing users who merit enhanced trust.

ThreatMetrix™ Trust Tags are important elements within the ThreatMetrix Global Trust Intelligence Network.  These digital labels can be applied to various combinations of entities within a user’s persona to indicate the trustworthiness of that user, whether it is a customer accessing online services or an employee using company business applications.

For example, when a company validates a user ID with a strong out-of-band authentication, a Trust Tag can be applied to the combination of the user ID and device ID.  During subsequent transactions involving that user and device, a positive Trust Tag gives a high degree of confidence to the querying organization, allowing it to bypass additional challenges securely.

TrustTags can be applied to any set or combination of devices, transactional attributes, or Persona ID attributes, including device ID, user ID, geography, user email, account numbers, credit card data, and more.

ThreatMetrix customers can query Trust Tags on devices and persona attributes within the Global Trust Intelligence Network of device and persona data.  They will benefit from the experience of thousands of companies—and from the Network’s millions of daily transactions.

Benefits include:

  • Improved fraud-related intelligence, achieved by tagging attributes to indicate their level of trust
  • Increased revenue, resulting from more confident transaction approval
  • Reduced user friction, through identifying those users who have already passed additional strong authentication
  • Increased efficiency, and fewer manual reviews when evaluating transactions
  • More granular details about when to trust combinations of user, device, and persona data, thanks to higher-resolution data

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