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ThreatMetrix Labs Report August 2012
Professional OS X Malware – A Reality

This ThreatMetrix Labs report discusses how the Apple Mac OS X software landscape is changing. It wasn’t all that long ago that Apple could market the idea that OS X doesn’t contract viruses. However, the threat landscape has changed. This report looks at malware for sale, targeting among other platforms, OS X.

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ThreatMetrix Labs Report July 2012
Zeus P2P Advancements and MitB Attack Vectors

This ThreatMetrix Labs report discusses a new variant of the peer-to-peer (P2P) version of the Zeus Trojan. The P2P variant has many improvements built in, including a different encryption algorithm for the configuration file. The small but crucial change will make automatic detection routes fail.

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ThreatMetrix Labs Report February 2012
Man-In-The-Browser: Apple Mac OS X Edition

This ThreatMetrix™ Labs report is the second part of a series about Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) for Apple Mac OS X. The first report in November 2011provided an overview of different ways to perform MitB on Apple Mac OS X. This report describes three approaches in more detail.

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