A Real-Time Who’s Who of Worldwide Hacking — Along with a What, Where and When

Jul 09 A Real-Time Who’s Who of Worldwide Hacking — Along with a What, Where and When

ThreatMetrix Web Fraud Map

The ThreatMetrix® Cybercime Threat Map gives you the lowdown on where the bad guys are operating everywhere in the world — in real time. The Cybercrime Threat Map is a live stream of fraud attempts collected from ThreatMetrix’s Global Trust Intelligence Network highlighting the origin of account takeover attempts, payment fraud and identity spoofing attempts. Watching the map change in front of your eyes as the attack reports come in is fascinating — and chilling.

The numbers are staggering. A piece by Jeremy Bender on Yahoo.com (Link to article.) reports that in just 45 minutes, the U.S. was the victim of 5,840 cyberattacks. “Within the 45-minute span, China accounted for 2,513 attacks. The U.S. accounted for the second highest number of attacks, with 1,550 attacks originating within America.”

Bender notes that cyberattacks from inside the United States are likely ”the result of ‘zombie computers,’ which may be one reason that some estimates of hacking attempts on a given day against the Pentagon, for instance, run into the tens of millions.

ThreatMetrix® builds trust on the Internet by offering market-leading advanced fraud prevention and frictionless context-based security solutions. These solutions authenticate consumer and workforce access to mission critical applications using real-time identity and access analytics that leverage the world’s largest trusted identity network.

ThreatMetrix secures enterprise applications against account takeover, payment fraud, fraudulent account registrations, malware, and data breaches. Underpinning the solution is the ThreatMetrix® Global Trust Intelligence Network, which analyzes over 500 million monthly transactions and protects more than 160 million active user accounts across 2,500 customers and 10,000 websites.

The ThreatMetrix solution is deployed across a variety of industries, including financial services, enterprise, e-commerce, payments, social networks, government and insurance.

For more information, visit www.threatmetrix.com or call 1-408-200-5755.

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