I Know This Ain’t PC, Mac. But You’ve Got a Problem.

Mar 15I Know This Ain’t PC, Mac. But You’ve Got a Problem.

According to a recent survey, there were more than four million new Windows’ malware strains in the last quarter of 2011 as opposed to fifty that targeted Apple computers. Unfortunately for Apple users, Flashback G is one of the 50.

The new Trojan steals passwords to services such as Google, PayPal and online banking and causes Safari and Skype to crash. First discovered in September 2011, the infection is increasing by exploiting Java.

If Java is not installed or its security patches aren’t up-to-date, Flashback.G, attempts to trick users into installing it by presenting a fake security certificate (SEE ABOVE) that looks like it comes from Apple. The victim clicks “Continue” and game over.

According to an article in telegraph.co.uk, Mac users running the most recent version of OS X, Snow Leopard, are most at risk. That’s because they might not be familiar with Java, which was included as part of the installation package for the first time. It’s recommended that those users update Java ASAP. Users running previous versions of OS X, such as Lion, who installed Java themselves, are advised to keep it updated and not accept any phony certificates purportedly coming from Apple.

Think Apple wants to hear the good news or the bad news first? With all their money, they probably could care less. But, here goes. The bad news is cybercriminals are targeting Macs more and more. The good news is they’re targeting Macs because Macs’ market share is increasing.

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