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Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick or Trick — What Were the 10 Dirtiest Tricks Hackers Pulled on Enterprises in 2012?

By ThreatMetrix
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Halloween or any of the other 364 days (We’re not counting leap year.), cybercriminals never offer up treats – just tricks. Usually mighty expensive ones. So far, in 2012, hackers have used everything from malicious links and phishing scams to hacked passwords and more to rip off millions of companies and consumers.

But what were the ten worst instances of cyberattacks? The most costly? The ones that affected the most people? The scariest? Well, just in time for Halloween, ThreatMetrix is treating you to a list of the ten spookiest cyberattacks of 2012.

Here’s hoping you didn’t make the list. Happy Halloween and may all your goblins and vampires be of the offline tiny tyke variety. As the old Scottish prayer goes, “may you be protected from ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night” — Oh, and also cybercriminals and hackers of all kinds.

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