When You’ve Seen One Trojan…You Have NOT Seen Them All

Apr 30When You’ve Seen One Trojan…You Have NOT Seen Them All

Just when Apple-ites thought they were again free to boast about their malware-free Mac OS X, here comes another Trojan. Actually, two more. Security researchers have found two variants of the SabPub Trojan.

Quoting security expert Costin Raiu, pcworld.com reported that the first variant is known as Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a. Like Flashback, the new Trojan was spread through Java exploits on websites. Victims would receive email with links to those websites, which would send instructions to the infected Macs.

The second variant was described as “old-school” compared to the first because instead of attacking through malicious websites, it used infected Microsoft Word documents attached to emails.

In both cases the primary targets were Tibetan activists.

Your company may not have a position paper on Tibet or even use Macs. But, as you know, that doesn’t matter to the bad guys. Some launch attacks for monetary gain. Some launch attacks for no other reason than to show they have the capability.

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