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ThreatMetrix Is a Data Privacy Day Champion in Support of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Data Privacy Day

By ThreatMetrix
ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet. Verifying more than 20 billion annual transactions supporting 30,000 websites and 4,000 customers globally through the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, ThreatMetrix secures businesses and end users against account takeover, payment fraud and fraudulent account registrations resulting from malware and data breaches.
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Every January 28th since 2008 the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has led and coordinated Data Privacy Day to raise international awareness, provide people with the information they need to ensure their privacy is protected and make the protection of privacy and data everyone’s priority.

Even before officially signing on as a Data Privacy Day Champion, ThreatMetrix™ has been a leader in the fight to educate its customers, and Internet users as a whole, to the dangers posed by cybercriminals stealing personal data and identities. And users still have to be made aware of the risks associated with opening an “innocent” email attachment from a friend.

ThreatMetrix’s security solutions, based on using anonymous data rather than personally identifiable information (PII) to protect its customers, is a bulwark against cybercrime and identity theft.

“PII is no longer an effective way to monitor transactions for fraud and cybercrime, as this information can easily be exploited by cybercriminals to steal consumers’ online identities,” said Reed Taussig, president and CEO, ThreatMetrix. “Given the sophistication of today’s cybercriminals, implementing a layered approach with device identification and malware protection is a much more effective way to protect consumers online.”

Encouraging all users to take more care in protecting their online identities, ThreatMetrix offers five tips to be better protected online:

  • Create a unique password for each online account – Using one password for all online accounts opens the door to cybercriminals – even if only one account is breached.
  • Take stock of your online identity – Know where any personal information is stored online and how the information is protected.
  • Keep security software up-to-date – Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by updating security solutions and software as soon as updates are available.
  • Add a password to mobile devices – If your phone is lost or stolen, a unique password protects any accounts stored on the device from being accessed by criminals.
  • Avoid suspicious links – Clicking on suspicious links can instantly infect your devices, and reveal personal and financial information to cybercriminals.

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