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At War with God. One of the World’s Foremost Malware Experts Has Expert Advice for Defeating the Zeus Bank Trojan.

By ThreatMetrix
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Andreas Baumhof, ThreatMetrix’s chief technology officer, is one of the industry’s most respected professionals and a world-renowned expert in the areas of encryption, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), malware and phishing.

In an interview with’s managing editor Tracy Kitten, Baumhof discusses what financial institutions have to do to defeat Zeus, a vicious malware that comes in many forms and flavors, but with a singular objective — stealing from financial institutions and their customers.

Zeus can be tweaked to hijack personal PCs or be a keylogger tracking user keystrokes. Contracting Zeus is often as easy as clicking on the wrong Website or pop-up window, or opening an infected email.

So, how do you defeat Zeus? Baumhof advocates financial institutions using stronger fraud detection tools and adopting a proactive approach to ensure end-user devices aren’t infected. In the following interview he discusses in detail a host of topics vital to the security of online financial institutions. These include how banking institutions could make wiser investments in fighting Zeus; why Zeus’ longevity poses new and increasing concerns; and how information sharing could improve protection.

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