Plastic Has Holes Bad Actors Can Squeeze Through

Aug 18Plastic Has Holes Bad Actors Can Squeeze Through

Europe Records All-Time Card-Fraud Losses While More Genuine User Transactions Blocked

According to an article on (link to article), overall losses to card fraud in the U.K. are the highest since 2008 and, “like many other countries that have migrated to chip-and-PIN, card-not-present fraud leads the way.” In one year, U.K. CNP losses jumped from $414 million to more than $505 million. In fact, when it came to losses from fraud, the U.K. and Russia led the way. Click this link for a European map of card fraud.

Blocking good customers

Martin Warwick, a principal fraud consultant at FICO, noted, “When fraud losses peaked in 2008, U.K. issuers sharply reduced card fraud through chip and PIN and fraud analytics. However, tougher fraud detection policies and thresholds also block more genuine transactions, and now the focus for U.K. banks and regulators is very much on improving the customer experience.”

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