ThreatMetrix CEO Reed Taussig to Speak at SINET Innovation Summit

Jul 10ThreatMetrix CEO Reed Taussig to Speak at SINET Innovation Summit

Security Innovation Network (SINET) Innovation Summit 2014 July 17 at The Times Center in New York City

Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the Beltway will all be represented at SINET emphasizing the importance of industry, government and academia working together in close cooperation to further cybersecurity research.

ThreatMetrix CEO, Reed Taussig will take part in the panel, “The Emerging Trends in Cyber Fraud and How to Defend Against It,” which addresses:

  • The impact organized cybercrime has on the economy
  • Where those threats originate
  • The potential impact on national security
  • Strategic and tactical solutions to combat organized cybercrime

“The scope of cybercrime these days reaches above and beyond what many people recognize and a collective approach to cybersecurity is necessary to prevent evolving threats,” said Reed Taussig, CEO, ThreatMetrix. “In addition to the risks consumers and businesses face with increased online activity, our nation’s critical infrastructure faces more severe risks than ever before as water, power and other critical utilities move online. ThreatMetrix leverages the power of our comprehensive cybercrime data repository to help protect businesses across a wide range of industries – from financial services to government agencies – in real time and I’m looking forward to sharing our approach to cybersecurity with SINET Innovation Summit attendees.”

ThreatMetrix protects its customers with its ThreatMetrix TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform, which combines comprehensive data collection, behavioral analytics and the ThreatMetrix® Global Trust Intelligence Network (The Network) to differentiate between authentic and fraudulent activity and protect against account takeover, payment fraud, fraudulent account registration and multi-channel Web fraud.

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