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Add ThreatMetrix Expertise To Your Team for Rapid and Lasting ROI


ThreatMetrix Professional Services provide seamless integration of ThreatMetrix cybersecurity solutions.

Our Professional Services team will expertly guide your team through the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your ThreatMetrix deployment, whether it’s focused on fraud prevention, reducing customer friction, or a specific context-based authentication solution.

Our specialists will help you safeguard your customers and workforce, providing a rapid and lasting return on your technology investment. We offer a full array of packaged services, as well as general consulting to meet all of your authentication and fraud management needs. Our online or onsite training services and individually-assigned technical account managers will help ensure that your staff is certified in the correct use of ThreatMetrix products—and up to date regarding current threats and how to respond to them.

Plan, Train, and Tune: Our Services

Whether your company is a small startup or a large enterprise (and longtime ThreatMetrix partner), we offer a wide range of professional services that can be tailored specifically for your needs. Consulting options include:

Setup and Activation

Our team of experienced professionals will do more than help you get your system up and running. Their professional guidance will aid you in making a wide range of informed decisions that can improve efficiency, effectiveness, and the entire end user experience. They will also advise you on tuning your organization’s policies and rules for your specific applications. Services include:

  • Initial kickoff meeting and regular status calls
  • ThreatMetrix account setup
  • Basic training
  • Assistance with testing and validation of initial results
  • One-time rules optimization
  • Coordinated transfer to your production and support staff
Health Check

Designed for existing ThreatMetrix customers, the Health Check service involves an examination and review of your current installation, including:

  • Examination of key health indicators
  • High-level review of policies and rules
Use Case Analysis

At the conclusion of the health check analysis, your ThreatMetrix representative will provide a written report including recommendations and procedures to improve the system.

Rules Optimization

Your business’s needs and objectives are constantly evolving. Unfortunately, so are its obstacles and threats. ThreatMetrix Professional Services can assist you in optimizing your policies and rules, precisely tuning them to help fulfill your current needs while navigating today’s threat landscape. A typical rules optimization engagement consists of the following steps:

  • Review of existing deployment, including key health indicators and use case analysis
  • Analysis of customer-provided ‘truth data’ (analysis of false positives and false negatives), and correlation with existing rules
  • Report of findings, with recommendations for adjustments or additions to rules
  • Follow-up review of changes made and improvements seen.

Optimization services can be completed on a one-time basis as required, or scheduled each quarter to ensure that your systems are always tuned and optimized.

Technical Account Manager

Created just to serve enterprise accounts, our professional services team can provide you with your own technical account manager, specifically selected to serve the needs of your organization. As your ultimate ThreatMetrix liaison and fraud specialist, your technical account manager will provide you with the following services:

  • Weekly or monthly consultations to review any current threats and trends that may affect your organization, and concomitant rules modifications.
  • Quarterly sessions to perform truth data analysis and rules optimizations
  • Ad hoc, as-needed consultations in any areas you require, such as strategic design discussions, preparation for or responses to audits, responses to new use case deployments and more.

The technical account manager service consists of a dedicated allocation of hours per quarter, with the exact allocation adjustable based on your specific requirements.

On-Site Audit

ThreatMetrix is frequently audited by its customers for security, risk and compliance reasons. In order to provide a thorough and satisfactory response to these requests, our professional services team has prepared a standard approach to due-diligence requests and on-site inspections as follows:

  • Written response to initial, detailed due diligence questionnaires
  • Review session planning call: Define agenda and expectations
  • One-day on-site review session led by professional services, with access to Chief Security Officer, Chief Financial Officer, etc., as required
  • Optional data center visit extension
General Consulting

In addition to the services outlined above, the ThreatMetrix Professional Services team is available to consult in any areas of fraud prevention and context-based authentication that may be required. Contact ThreatMetrix to discuss your needs and learn more about this service.

The ThreatMetrix Advantage

ThreatMetrix offers the broadest combination of context-based authentication and fraud prevention defenses available, all in a solution that does not burden your IT systems or your customers.

Rapid, Lightweight Deployment

The SaaS-based TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform secures your applications without the need to add or deploy servers or additional infrastructure. This lightweight, fast deployment means you can quickly protect a broad range of transactions or applications.


A growing number of your online transactions comes from mobile devices. The ThreatMetrix solution works well with these transactions. And you can embed fraud protection or authentication in your own mobile apps with TrustDefender Mobile. Up-to-date, global insight: Integration with the Global Trust Intelligence Network provides constant access to current threat intelligence derived from millions of online transactions.

Real-time Responsiveness

ThreatMetrix delivers real-time insight, so you can uncover potential payment fraud before transactions are authorized.

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