There are nearly 3.5 billion people on the Internet. 3.5 billion complex, living, breathing, buying beings.

And at ThreatMetrix, we know more than 1.4 billion of them.

We understand their personas. Their behaviors. Their intent. Based on anonymized data, and at speed and scale. ThreatMetrix tracks unique digital footprints across the web. To verify the digital identity of your customers in real time.

Our decision engine allows you to make the best trust decisions. Give your users fuller, freer access to commerce. So drivers of digital businesses can gain profitability and security without compromise.

So these 1.4 billion people and counting become a universe of one. A department of one. An internet of one.

We are ThreatMetrix.
The one digital identity company that powers and secures the digital economy.

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Digital Identity Network

Anonymized data sharing on payments, identity and fraud, across 5,000 companies and 40,000 websites.

Global Shared Intelligence

Shared intelligence feeds our network which analyses 75m transactions a day, and sees 1.4b users.

Customer Trust Decisions

The network provides unique insight into the true digital identity of your customers for invisible authentication.

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