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Patents and Intellectual Property

Technology innovations shaping the digital identity landscape


ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Intelligence and Dynamic Decision Platform have evolved from over a decade of continuous innovation by a few of the industry’s foremost experts in cyber-security. Our journey to digital identity is marked by many key milestones.


ThreatMetrix has been awarded numerous patents for our innovative technologies. To find out more details, read our press releases here.


Several members of the original founding team at ThreatMetrix made countless technical contributions that continue to support our success as a global solution provider. Their names appear on our patents and many remain active in product development and management at ThreatMetrix today. Here are brief bios of key contributors over the past decade.


ThreatMetrix holds numerous technology patents, listed here, with several additional patent applications pending. Our competitive advantage stems from our innovative technologies, the depth and breadth of the Digital Identity Network as well as from the 4,500 companies served globally.