The key to effective adoption of the ThreatMetrix platform is a well-educated fraud analyst team.

ThreatMetrix custom training allows your team to fully interact and incorporate ThreatMetrix Decision Management Portal and Digital Identity Network data into their daily workflow. ThreatMetrix will assess how your fraud team will integrate the tools into their daily workflow and create a custom training program to support them.

Custom Planning

ThreatMetrix will assess your current and proposed usage of our solution to customize training material for your fraud team. A ThreatMetrix trainer will deliver the material in a series of onsite or web-based sessions. To provide continued support to your team, users will gain access to on-demand training on product features that can be re-taken anytime during the following 12 months. Each user receives a printed or PDF (for web-based) training booklet along with a certificate of completion.


ThreatMetrix will identify the key training stakeholders and conduct interviews to gather training requirements. The results of these sessions include:

  • Define target audience
  • Identify topics
  • Estimate number of students and locations
  • Determine best delivery method
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