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Mobile Protection

Simplify protection for sophisticated mobile platforms

Simplify Protection for Sophisticated Mobile Platforms

Mobile SDK from ThreatMetrix is a lightweight software development kit for Google Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. The embeddable library with jailbreak and root detection technologies can determine when device security controls have been bypassed. Our mobile data security solution verifies the integrity of the application in which it is embedded to ensure it has not been modified or infected. It also analyzes all other apps installed on the device, and reports their reputation and the presence of any malicious code. Our mobile protection integrates with all features in the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network to provide protection in the following six key ways.

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Location Services

The Mobile SDK goes beyond gathering IP information by capturing Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS details. These are then compared to IP address information, such as True IP, Proxy IP and DNS IP, to detect anomalous connections and the use of proxies and VPNs.

Device Identification

Our Mobile Data Security solution gathers a gamut of device attributes including operating system information, system configuration information, hardware and software details and proprietary identifiers. These strong and consistent identifiers enable our solution to reliably distinguish both new and returning devices.

Malware Detection

All connecting Android devices are analyzed to gain deep insight into the reputation of each installed application. Known, trusted applications are seamlessly identified in real time, along with any application containing malware or a poor associated reputation. These benefits also apply to the host iOS app that the Mobile SDK is embedded in.

Anomaly and Device Spoofing Detection

The Mobile SDK detects device tampering as well as attempts to masquerade as a different device, along with a number of other anomalies that may indicate fraud. It can also detect anomalous transactions from mobile devices, including those compromised by malware.

Jailbreak and Root Detection

The mobile SDK allows businesses to detect jailbroken devices. Cybercriminals typically jailbreak stolen mobile devices to gain full access to the original owner’s personal information. Additionally, sophisticated attacks can remotely jailbreak end users’ mobile devices to set up Man-in-the-Middle attacks and easily compromise sensitive information.

Application Integrity Evaluation

The Mobile SDK for mobile/endpoints performs an integrity check of applications in which it is embedded and verifies they are unmodified. This helps identify unofficial or illicitly modified applications and verifies application integrity.

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