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Web Protection

Cloud-based defense against fraud, malware and data breaches

Leverage a New Type of Cloud-Based Defense Against Fraud, Malware and Data Breaches

Web protection from ThreatMetrix works transparently to the user, protecting online transactions from a wide range of threats, including malware and Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) attacks. It helps businesses detect and prevent fraud from compromised devices or accounts. Our clientless technology evaluates logins, payments, new account creations and other interactions with your site to stop fraud and reduce friction. The solution examines how a device interacts with a page to automatically determine the presence of bots, scripted and other automated attacks. Its unique combination of web fingerprinting and device identification technologies reduces risk exposure from fraud while securing customer data. Our Web solution leverages all features in the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network to protect in the following four key ways.

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Honeypot Technology

Our solution sets traps to detect unauthorized webpage modifications in the browser. The Honeypot trap appears to malware that a user is navigating to the type of high value websites malware generally targets. As the malware attempts to attack a user by injecting additional Web content, such as additional form elements, or popup dialogues asking for personal information, our Honeypot detects those changes in real-time.

Webpage Fingerprinting

ThreatMetrix Web identifies whether your webpage elements have been altered by cybercriminals, suggesting a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack or a targeted Trojan. This Desktop Data Security also works for non-visual elements such as JavaScript. While the Honeypot technology is able to detect arbitrarily infected devices, webpage fingerprinting highlights any devices connecting to your Web applications that have malware actively targeting your site.

Device Identification

Through continuous research, ThreatMetrix’s leading edge device identification uses multiple methods to expose an individual’s intent hidden in the attributes of the user’s device. ThreatMetrix provides two separate and distinct approaches to identify devices.

SmartID™ identifies returning visitors that wipe cookies, use private browsing, and change other device parameters to bypass device fingerprinting. It improves your ability to detect returning visitors, especially those trying to elude identification and reduces false positives.

ExactID™ relies on a variety of persistent markers (browser cookies, Adobe Flash cookies, HTML 5 local storage) that allows even more accurate identification of a device.

Location Identification

Location Identification: The location of an identity is an integral part of validation when it comes to security. The consumer’s location may prove crucial in identifying potential fraud. Examination of geographical attributes such as DNS IP, Proxy IP, VPN and Tor networks can expose botnets along with any techniques used by fraudster to bypass location-based authentication.

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