protected health information

Real-time passive authentication for patients, physicians and payors

Healthcare providers use ThreatMetrix® to verify that patients, physicians and payors logging in are who they claim to be.

As data breaches become more prevalent, healthcare providers are under greater pressure to protect patients from stolen or altered information. They must also combat the risks to patients and to their business from unauthorized access to network-connected medical devices and therapeutic equipment.

ThreatMetrix passively authenticates online guests before they access business systems. Our powerful analytics block threats and recognize identities by the ever-changing associations between people, their devices, locations, account credentials and behaviors.

We now live in a “post breach” world where digital identities have been compromised on a massive scale. The reality faced by healthcare providers is that user IDs, passwords and other personally identifiable information is widely available to cybercriminals who use stolen identities to create bogus accounts and policies.

Many realize that passwords and other static identity checks are near useless. Others have turned to device intelligence or rely on out-of-band authentication to recognize customers. ThreatMetrix augments device intelligence with location, identity and threat analytics from billions of online transactions from around the globe. This helps pinpoint fraud and minimize friction for legitimate customers.


ThreatMetrix had all the capabilities of our previous device-ID solution, but with the additional digital identity intelligence. It was a no-brainer to switch.

— Josh Barnsdale, One Call Insurance

The speed and security of physicians accessing patient records remotely can have a big impact on patient health and satisfaction. Healthcare providers need to verify that the physician is actually the person trying to login, as well as ensuring the interaction is secure from preying eyes.

ThreatMetrix uses digital identities to transparently verify visitors are who they say they are. We then secure digital interactions across channels from Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), phishing, session hijacking, key-logging and other malware-driven attacks.


ThreatMetrix intelligence gives us greater insight into our client base, allowing us to make better risk decisions and be smarter about adjusting rules based on customer behavior.

— Andrew Vickers, General Manager, Technology Systems, Rabobank

Cybercriminals relentlessly attack healthcare providers with stolen identities and user credentials, as well as scripted bot attacks. When they are recognized, fraudsters are often equipped with answers to challenge questions and other personally identifiable information, making static authentication highly unreliable.

Dynamic authentication based on device, location, identity and threat intelligence provide high-fidelity authentication in real time. Behavior intelligence identifies patterns of normal behavior, and ultimately identifies behaviors that deviate from the norm, which can then be flagged as high-risk.


Our business intelligence platform gives us a real competitive advantage by helping eCommerce companies increase revenue. ThreatMetrix provides an essential part of our intelligence, giving us a tool that is highly effective in mitigating risk.

— Philipp Bock, Founder and CEO, Allpago International

HIPAA legislation calls for strictly controlling user access to systems and applications containing protected health information. It also requires a risk-based approach to managing vulnerabilities in web applications and systems.

ThreatMetrix instantly and transparently verifies the identity of users accessing web applications. Our solutions also identify high-risk access attempts across numerous devices and channels, and detect suspicious behaviors to flag compromised user accounts.


A behavioral approach correlating users, devices and personal characteristics is the only way of detecting fraudulent activity that follows approved business logic. ... Web behavior analytics is a formative market, but ThreatMetrix has been able to channel its ability to identify users and devices into business benefits for website operations.

— Eric Ogren, David Immerman, 451 Research, May 2016 Report

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