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Realtime Passive Authentication to Prevent Fraudulent Reservations and Reviews

Real Time Online Fraud Prevention

Did You Know?

Attacks using stolen or spoofed identities are continuing to rise! Travel & Entertainment Q4 2016 Cybercrime Report
Airlines, travel companies and review sites use ThreatMetrix to prevent fraudulent reservations, stolen reward redemptions and fake reviews.

Travelers want flexible and easy online account access, and they expect rocket fast service. But, cyber criminals are increasingly using compromised identities to capitalize on the need to deliver customers convenience within short process cycle times.

ThreatMetrix uses real-time, behavior-based fraud protection to help stop fraud at the front door. This reduces chargebacks, manual reviews and customer friction while mitigating fraud risk before it enters your business.

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Instantly Authenticate Customers Without Adding Friction

As more travelers go online to shop, compare, and purchase, travel sites are competing for relevance with buyers by delivering everything from accurate reviews to competitive prices. But while customers want fast service and an effortless buying experience, travel sites need to defend against fraud. Business requires instant decisions about card-not-present transactions. This means they need an effective way to authenticate customers with minimal inconvenience and false positives.

By using Digital Identities we can provide a more streamlined authorization process, improving overall card usage while reducing fraud. - Mark Nelsen , SVP Risk Products, Visa Inc.

Make Accurate and Fast Decisions While Minimizing Manual Reviews

Cybercriminals use stolen credentials to compromise accounts and instantly redeem rewards. But because they are using valid log-in credentials, they are hard to detect. Cyber criminals often hide behind VPNs and proxy services and book last minute reservations, but so do legitimate customers. Even transactions coming from suspect locations can be valid. Setting fraud controls too tightly or sending all such visitors through out of band authentication can have a negative impact on sales. Manual reviews slow down business. Instantly verifying a digital identity with integrated device, location, behavior and threat analytics can red-flag fraudsters in realtime and before they can access a customer account or their loyalty rewards. Keeping customers safe and free of friction as they interact with your business can help drive loyalty and return visits.

ThreatMetrix allowed us to have bespoke, risk-based
authentication that is ahead of the curve. We continue to
improve the online experience for valued customers while
removing unnecessary friction.
- Evgeny Vinogradov, Head of Data Warehousing & Analytics, Yandex.Money

Secure Your Customers from Unauthorized Account Access

Account takeover can occur when an individual customer has their credentials compromised or can be launched programmatically through a scripted bot attack following a data breach that happened somewhere else on the web. Customer devices can also be infected with malware that steals personal account information. Often the human element — for example a person using the same password across all their accounts or unwittingly disclosing passwords to fraudsters — is the most difficult to guard against. Digital identity addresses this by implementing an integrated or layered approach to prevent account takeover. It identifies trusted and suspect identities instantly, creates a secure environment for digital transactions, and detects high-risk behaviors and events based on context from a global digital identity network.

The evolution of key elements such as remote access takeover, Persona ID, Smart ID, has been excellent. The ThreatMetrix Portal, in terms of case reviews, recalls and the flexibility of the rules, is excellent. This is one of the key strengths for ThreatMetrix relative to its competitors. - Andy Renshaw, Lloyds Banking Group

Accurately Detect Phony Business Reviews Before They Damage Your Brand

A company’s online reputation is based in large part on user reviews. Fraudulent reviews can have a direct impact on brand reputation, revenue, and ultimately the bottom line. Fraudsters and dishonest establishments create fake reviews for multiple reasons, and these reviews can seriously damage a otherwise great and often hard-won reputation. ThreatMetrix digital identity solutions ensure that users are who they claim to be. We detect accounts that may be compromised or falsely created and flag them for immediate attention.

In terms of application fraud, we see lots of device anomalies on fraudulent applications which thankfully we can identify extremely accurately with ThreatMetrix. This is of great value ... it plays a big part in our transaction fraud strategy. The solution contributes to a sustained reduction in digital transaction fraud.
- Jim Winters, Director of Financial Crime, Fraud & Underwriting, TSB

Get Cyber Criminals Off of Your Web Properties

Travel companies’ online platforms can offer cyber criminals an easy way to test the validity of stolen credentials. They will often attempt to make small value payments that test the validity of stolen credentials before moving onto higher value purchases elsewhere. ThreatMetrix provides real-time fraud analysis, offering online travel sites an additional layer of protection to detect identity testing while preserving the online experience for legitimate customers.

It [ThreatMetrix] allows us to quickly identify problems without having to hire a large fraud team. ThreatMetrix has allowed us to more comfortably offer a free trial to new subscribers coming to our site. - Garrett Goff, Head of Fraud, Netflix

What Our Customers Say

“We integrated ThreatMetrix 4 years ago. Since then we’ve consistently managed to maintain a low chargeback rate and high conversion despite what
fraudsters throw at us.”

Authentication Web Personalization

Identity Assessment

Cybercriminals armed with user IDs and passwords login to customer accounts and commit fraud. This can have devastating impacts to your customers, business and brand. ThreatMetrix detects account takeover attempts in real time by stopping fraudsters at the front door.

Solution Brief
Woman with mobile phone and credit card in hand depicting fraud prevention and payment fraud

Payment Fraud

Travel sites need make instant decisions about card-not-present (CNP) to satisfy legitimate customers while blocking fraud in real time. ThreatMetrix ensures online guests across web and mobile channels are legitimate before they connect to your business systems for loans and payments.

Solution Brief
Silhouettes of people with keyboard in the background representing fraud prevention and account takeover

Fraudulent Account Registration

Fraudsters often use false and stolen information to open new accounts. These fraudulent accounts are then used to make reservations which are then sold to unsuspecting buyers. ThreatMetrix supports risk-based decisioning that prevents fraudulent accounts.

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