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Securing Against Unauthorized Remote Access

Companies throughout the world rely on ThreatMetrix to recognize employees, contractors and business partners before they sign in to critical business systems.

Businesses are often targeted by phishing and malware attacks. But, more often, fraudsters gain access from insiders who either accidentally share information or use easily guessable passwords. Either way, businesses inherit the risk associated with fraudulent logins.

ThreatMetrix recognizes returning website visitors with up to 95-percent accuracy. Our digital identity solutions passively authenticate online users and detect hidden threats from malware and Trojans in real time without adding friction to the digital experience.

Phishing, social engineering, and malware attacks targeting the extended workforce and designed to steal user IDs and passwords can leave critical systems vulnerable. Adding out-of-band authentication steps to the login process can negatively affect productivity, as well as make the workforce feel like criminals.

ThreatMetrix digital identity solutions understand the constantly changing relationships between individuals, their behaviors, locations and devices. This helps pinpoint fraudsters and recognize employees, contractors and business partners with up to 95-percent accuracy to help businesses protect their critical infrastructure.


A behavioral approach correlating users, devices and personal characteristics is the only way of detecting fraudulent activity that follows approved business logic. ... Web behavior analytics is a formative market, but ThreatMetrix has been able to channel its ability to identify users and devices into business benefits for website operations.

— Eric Ogren, David Immerman, 451 Research, May 2016

Increasingly, more members of the workforce access systems on the go from outside of four walls of the enterprise. This trend in workforce mobility will no doubt continue, but it poses security risks when trusted individuals connect to enterprise applications through public WiFi or use the same passwords across multiple accounts, then unknowingly acquire malware that intercepts and misuses their user credentials.

ThreatMetrix protects against fraudulent logins by leveraging the power of global shared intelligence from our Digital Identity Network. Our digital identity solutions instantly assess devices, locations, credentials and threats at login and verify users are who they claim to be.


We were able to do a quick installation on our own and integrate it into our existing systems without interrupting the customer experience. With ThreatMetrix, we have deeper visibility into the profile of our online banking customers – differentiating good, returning customers from cybercriminals hiding behind proxies to disguise their true location – while also identifying what devices they are using regardless of the location.

— Anthony Vitale, Vice President Information Technology, Patelco Credit Union

Cybercriminals are experts at manipulating people into performing risky actions or divulging sensitive information. The dawn of human-like and attractive avatars powered by artificial intelligence pose new safety concerns as they can foster a sense of trust and disarm otherwise prudent professionals to disclose sensitive information. The truth is that human error is gaining recognition as perhaps the weakest link in the security chain.

ThreatMetrix safeguards against malicious intrusions from fraudulent users with valid login credentials. Dynamic authentication based on device, location, identity and threat intelligence provides real-time authentication with 95-percent accuracy. Behavior intelligence identifies patterns of normal behavior as well as those that deviate from the norm, which can then be flagged as high risk.


Our partnership with ThreatMetrix has allowed us to augment our network-level data with device analytics to make better fraud decisions. By using Digital Identities, we can provide a more streamlined authorization process, improving overall card usage while reducing fraud.

— Mark Nelsen, SVP, Risk Products, Visa Inc.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, and are employing advanced technology in attempts to gain access to critical systems. Botnets are used to automate password guessing, while some malware allows cybercriminals to snoop on legitimate sessions.

ThreatMetrix profiles desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets to identify anomalies that indicate high risk. Our solutions detect low-and-slow botnets designed to look like human interactions, unusual packet fingerprints that indicate malware, and recognize other red flags to identify potential threats before the business is compromised.

Cybercriminals attempt to gain unauthorized access to critical systems using credentials obtained through phishing attacks, compromised devices, malicious personas, shared passwords, keyword loggers and other nefarious means.

ThreatMetrix leverages real-time global shared intelligence from 5,000 businesses around the world to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent identities instantly and without adding friction to the digital experience.


We’ve had members come in to the branch to thank us personally because they weren’t aware they had online security issues. … ThreatMetrix helps identify threats and keeps our members’ money safe.

— Enis Huseyin, IT Manager, BankstownCity Credit Union

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