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Customers expect to transact as quickly as possible, whether to deposit checks with mobile phones, make payments or trade equities. However, financial institutions face conflicting requirements when balancing customer convenience against cybercrime prevention. Traditional multi-factor authentication adds friction to the customer experience with the use of step-up challenges such as challenge-response and biometrics verifications. Device-centric anti-fraud solutions lack behavioral context about returning customers and fraudsters. ThreatMetrix addresses these challenges with a frictionless, behavior-based solution that overcomes and augments multi-factor authentication and mere device fingerprinting. Our unique ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network combines world-class device identification with identity analytics and behavioral intelligence to build complete online personas for every registration, login and payment transaction.

Key Benefits

Increase customer satisfaction by accelerating customer logins

Reduce usage and costs of multi-factor and out-of-band authentication

Decrease fraudulent transactions

Reduce operational costs of manual reviews

Increase cybercrime detection efficacy

Demonstrate FFIEC compliance


The financial services industry loses between $4 and $17 billion each year due to misclassified fraud losses

Account Takeover Protection

Cybercriminals are expected to intensify their attacks against financial institutions as Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip cards and tokenization make it harder to access customer data outside of banks and brokerages. Hackers can be counted on to steal even more credentials to compromise accounts for financial gain. ThreatMetrix helps financial institutions prevent these types of account takeover attacks by identifying high-risk access attempts. A flexible policy engine uses customizable risk scoring that is optimized for financial institutions and can be further tailored to address specific business conditions. The Cybercrime Control Center aggregates information from every ThreatMetrix customer and provides risk information in real time. Using the ThreatMetrix platform, financial institutions can detect and eliminate online financial fraud by distinguishing between legitimate, returning customers and cybercriminals who attempt to mask their true identities, hide behind proxies and falsify their locations.

Fraudulent New Account Registration

Fraudsters and scam artists target financial institutions by using false and stolen information to open accounts, apply for credit and move funds. These fraudulent accounts are used to run up debt, engage in money mule scams and defraud legitimate customers and other malicious activities. This activity is expected to worsen as cybercriminals apply online for new EMV chip credit cards with stolen information. ThreatMetrix provides a proven risk-based solution that prevents miscreants from creating fraudulent accounts.


Transaction Fraud Prevention

Users conducting online transactions, with their own verified devices, can often be the victims of transaction fraud. Some common attacks against end-user devices include Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), phishing, session hijacking, key-loggers and other malware-driven attacks. ThreatMetrix detects these types of attacks to help customers avoid transacting with a compromised device.

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Global Bank Increases Revenue by 2.5%

Global Bank Increases Revenue by 2.5%

Reduces Fraud Review Rates by 50%

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Multinational Bank Enhances RSA Adaptive Authentication

Multinational Bank Enhances RSA Adaptive Authentication

Enhancing Existing Authentication Solution with ThreatMetrix®

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