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Use Real-Time Detection to Minimize Credit Card eCommerce Fraud while Keeping the Consumer Experience Hassle-Free

Consumers shy away from anything less than a frictionless shopping experience. This is why merchants often find themselves in a tough balancing act with eCommerce fraud controls. Consumers buy from the competitors when fraud controls are set too strictly. Credit card chargebacks become an issue when fraud controls are set too loosely. The problem is further exacerbated with the shift to mobile orders where consumers are even less patient. ThreatMetrix offers real-time, behavioral analytics-based fraud detection and prevention that addresses these challenges for e-commerce, digital commerce and mobile commerce merchants to maximize profit while minimizing fraud-related losses.

Key Benefits

Increase sales by accelerating customer checkout

Reduce costs of credit card fraud chargebacks and fees

Prevent use of stolen credentials to create new identities and accounts

Detect compromised accounts across multiple channels, Web and mobile, by understanding customer login attempts from suspicious devices and locations


US retailers reported 40% increase in fraud losses from 2013 to 2014

Transaction Fraud Prevention

E-commerce sites must make instant decisions about card-not-present (CNP) interactions. ThreatMetrix detects stolen credit cards in real time by combining device attributes, malware detection and sophisticated analytics with the user identity and transaction details. This real-time credit card fraud analysis offers online merchants an additional layer of protection to reduce the costs of credit card eCommerce fraud while protecting the online experience for legitimate customers.

Fraudulent New Account Registration

Fraudsters often use false and stolen information to open accounts. These fraudulent accounts are then used to obtain merchandise, purchase gift cards and other malicious activities. ThreatMetrix provides a risk-based fraud detection solution that prevents miscreants from creating false accounts.


Account Takeover Protection

Consumers often lack the client-side security needed to protect themselves from account compromise. ThreatMetrix can identify a variety of attacks designed to steal user account credentials – the precursor to e-commerce fraud. ThreatMetrix detects Trojans, phishing attacks, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) attacks and other attacks on computers, smartphones, tablets and other Web-enabled devices. It also detects activity from already compromised accounts. By using the account takeover protection solution, you gain instant visibility into the integrity of your user accounts and their credentials.

What Our Customers Say

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ThreatMetrix Powers Turkey’s Leading E-Commerce Player

ThreatMetrix Powers Turkey’s Leading E-Commerce Player

Doğuş Planet ( e-Commerce Marketplace delivering 100% eCommerce Fraud Protection

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Maximum Protection, Minimum Friction: eMerchantPay

Maximum Protection, Minimum Friction: eMerchantPay

Payment Service Provider Chooses ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Protection Platform for Integrated Fraud Prevention

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Giving Customers Better Protection While Reducing Costs

Giving Customers Better Protection While Reducing Costs

Markt.DE Leading German Online Marketplace Has Less Fraud and Happier Customers with ThreatMetrix.

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Prevent Account Takeover

Protect Account Logins to Eliminate
Hacking, Theft, and Abuse
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Eliminate Fraudulent Account Registration

Stop The Use of Stolen and False IDs During Account Creation
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Minimize Payment Fraud

Increase Revenue and Reduce Fraud Without Customer Inconvenience
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