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Avoid Data Breach · Preserve Public Trust

Preserve Public Trust by Preventing Cyber Criminals from Accessing Government Resources

Government-related data breaches and tax frauds are known to be costly and publicly humiliating. Cybercriminals targeting government resources are often state sponsored or sophisticated for either political or financial reasons. ThreatMetrix helps Government Avoid Security Breaches and Reduce Tax Fraud with digital identity protection against sophisticated cyber security-attacks that involve compromising user accounts, which can lead to stealing of critical data or exploiting tax refund processes. ThreatMetrix ensures users are who they claim to be by detecting government accounts that may be compromised.

Key Benefits

  • Protect sensitive and classified records from unauthorized access
  • Reduce income, value-added (VAT), goods and services (GST) tax refund fraud
  • Prevent access attempts from outside your jurisdiction or beyond your borders
  • Detect viruses and phishing attempts and flag potentially compromised user accounts


70% of critical infrastructure companies indicate they have experienced a cyberattack in the last year

Account Takeover Protection

Stolen credentials are used by cybercriminals to access sensitive government data and falsely file tax refund forms. ThreatMetrix can help foil these attacks by ensuring that every access to online resources is positively verified. ThreatMetrix uses advanced behavioral analytics to detect suspicious user accounts and stolen credentials that are being used to hack into government systems. It can also detect Trojans, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) malware, keyloggers, session hijacking and other Web applications attacks.

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Remote Access Protection

Enabling remote access to Web-based applications provides vast benefits to government employees. As such, user accounts on applications are critical entry points to various internal systems. ThreatMetrix ensures that government employees with laptops and mobile devices securely access sensitive information.

ThreatMetrix’s layered solution profiles devices accessing remotely and incorporates user identities and behaviors, known as Persona ID, to identify anomalies. A customizable policy engine enables government organization to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies, and configure them based on their business processes and tolerance for risk.

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Behavioral Insight

Contractors and government employees have access to applications through different channels, such as Web and mobile, and this flexibility could pose added risk to sensitive government data. ThreatMetrix enables visibility into user activity occurring across all the relevant government applications accessed, for example logins and transactions, across all the channels. When applications share a common user profiling solution like ThreatMetrix, they can share and correlate seemingly disconnected security incidents in real-time.

What Our Clients Say

  • “ThreatMetrix helped us be compliant with security concerns for customer access and fraud risk.”

    Operations Manager, Global 500 Financial Services Company

  • “ThreatMetrix helps us maintain our outstanding reputation by protecting our customers. Plus, we are growing our business because ThreatMetrix keeps good customers from being unhappy.”

    Clemens Henle, Chief Operating Officer,

  • “Fighting fake account creation is something we take seriously, always working on improving our strategies and trying new ideas. ThreatMetrix has been the most effective, and we see the impact directly in the metrics we monitor. The clearest gain was when we were able to launch ThreatMetrix directly in our mobile applications and saw the immediate drop off of fake account creation.”

    Chief Technology Officer, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

  • “ThreatMetrix has allowed us to understand the types of fraud attacks being waged against us in new dimensions.”

    Executive, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

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