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Stay Out of the Headlines for a Medical Record Security Breach

Use Real-Time, Hassle-Free Security Protection to Secure Protected Health Information (PHI)

Cybercriminals continue to breach troves of patient medical data, resulting in hefty brand and compliance damages for providers and payers. This trend is expected to worsen with health information exchanges (HIE) potentially increasing the attack surface for cybercriminals. ThreatMetrix ensures that anyone connecting to online medical portals are who they claim to be. Our healthcare data security solutions detect accounts that may be compromised and alert security risk analysts before hackers log into online medical portals. By doing so, providers can rest assured that PHI is accessed only by those who are authorized to use it.

Key Benefits

  • Flag suspicious accounts that may be illegitimately used to retrieve PHI and medical records
  • Enable physicians to use their own devices while interacting with healthcare applications
  • Protect doctors, nurses and healthcare staff from attacks targeting sensitive PHI and medical records
  • Demonstrate HIPAA and HITECH compliance


Stolen healthcare credentials sell for 10 to 20 times more than stolen credit cards on the black market

Account Takeover Protection

Stolen credentials are used by cybercriminals to compromise healthcare user accounts for financial gains. It won’t be long before we see people being bankrupted by procedures they didn’t have or doctors making the wrong call in a medical emergency due to false medical records.

ThreatMetrix prevents unauthorized access to patients’ medical records by identifying anomalies that someone might not be who they claim to be online. Our account takeover protection detects compromised accounts across multiple dimensions by understanding patient and physician login attempts from suspicious devices and locations. ThreatMetrix uses advanced device identification and session hijacking malware detection capabilities to pinpoint potentially malicious access requests.

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Payment Fraud

Most healthcare providers have payment credentials on file along with sensitive medical records and medical information. With recent medical account breaches, fraudsters can use stolen credentials to access or bill for healthcare worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apart from financial loss, these transactions can have serious impact on a user’s medial history.

ThreatMetrix helps healthcare providers prevent fraud across mobile/Web and cross channel using a layered approach. Businesses have access to global shared intelligence from historic payments and transactions (to find known malicious devices and IP addresses), and can leverage sophisticated analytics to scrutinize every payment transaction. The ThreatMetrix solution helps them detect Man-in-the-Middle or Man-in-the-Browser malware designed to hijack transactions from a legitimate customer’s device and find behavioral and device mismatches behind stolen payment methods (mismatched location or one device with many credit cards).

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Remote Access Protection

Enabling doctors and healthcare providers access medical records and insurance data on the go is revolutionizing the healthcare space. These user accounts are critical entry points to various business systems and are actively targeted by fraudsters to harvest confidential PHI, medical records, and payment data.

ThreatMetrix ensures that this critical information is accessed securely. With ThreatMetrix, healthcare providers can secure user accounts and ensure that they are neither compromised nor a source of data theft. ThreatMetrix’s layered solution profiles devices accessing remotely and incorporates user identities and behaviors (Persona ID) to identify anomalies and malware threats. A customizable policy engine enables healthcare providers to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks and corresponding business policies, and configures them based on their business processes and tolerance for risk.

What Our Clients Say

  • “We can create multiple rules for multiple situations and the comprehensiveness and flexibility ThreatMetrix offers leads to decreasing the number of payments a company might have previously marked as high-risk but which are in fact genuine.”

    Gill Wells, Payment and Fraud Manager, Badoo

  • “Fighting fake account creation is something we take seriously, always working on improving our strategies and trying new ideas. ThreatMetrix has been the most effective, and we see the impact directly in the metrics we monitor. The clearest gain was when we were able to launch ThreatMetrix directly in our mobile applications and saw the immediate drop off of fake account creation.”

    Chief Technology Officer, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

  • “As the first perimeter of defense, we’re now able to block fraudulent orders in real-time using the ThreatMetrix Cloud-Based Fraud Prevention Platform.”

    Paul Carter, Vice President of Operations,

  • “ThreatMetrix has allowed us to understand the types of fraud attacks being waged against us in new dimensions.”

    Executive, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

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