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Stay Out of the Headlines for Breaches and Stop Insurance Abuse

Insurance carriers leverage online applications and business processes to deliver services to their customers and expand their reach using brokers and field agents.  However, these carriers are under constant attacks from fraudsters looking to access personal information they house or to use stolen credentials to access their customers’ accounts. Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to capitalize on the trust that you place with your partners, such as insurance brokers and field agents. These techniques include using insurance carrier partners’ stolen accounts and exploiting authenticated communication mechanisms.

Key Benefits

Flag suspicious accounts that may be illegitimately used to retrieve customer information

Safely enable your independent network of brokers and agents to deliver increased business efficiency and sales

Deliver enhanced experience for trusted consumers

Detect attacks from malware, bots, compromised devices and masked machines


Nearly $80 million in fraudulent insurance claims are made each year in the U.S.

Transaction Fraud Prevention

Ghost brokers purchase policies from legitimate insurers with fabricated details and resell the policy to unsuspecting buyers to pocket a profit. Fraud rings file false claims for “crash for cash” and other insurance scams. These are only some types of common scams and you need a solution to protect against fake claims submitted using real or stolen credentials. ThreatMetrix ensures that policyholders, brokers and field agents connecting to insurance systems over the Internet are who they claim to be. ThreatMetrix detects accounts that may be compromised and alerting insurance carriers before unauthorized access is permitted. The solution uses advanced device identification and session hijacking malware detection capabilities to pinpoint potentially malicious requests. In doing so, you can instill confidence in your stakeholders that their information is secure.

Remote Access Protection

Enabling insurance brokers and field agents to Web-based applications provides vast benefits to insurance carriers. As such, user accounts on insurance applications are critical entry points to various insurance business systems. ThreatMetrix ensures that insurance brokers and field agents, who may not be employed by the insurance company and may be using their own laptops and mobile devices, are accessing critical information securely. With ThreatMetrix, insurance carriers can secure user accounts and ensure that they are neither compromised nor a source of data theft.

ThreatMetrix’s layered solution profiles devices accessing remotely and incorporates user identities and behaviors (Persona ID) to identify anomalies and malware threats. A customizable policy engine enables insurance carriers to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies and configure them based on their business processes and tolerance for risk.


Account Takeover Protection

ThreatMetrix helps insurance carriers secure user accounts and ensure that they are not compromised and are not a source of unauthorized data access or fraud. The solution detects fraud and compromised accounts across multiple dimensions, including automated logins from bots and compromised devices, request for concurrent access requests from shared devices or multiple locations, and presence of malware targeting devices and claim systems. These threats are then benchmarked against the world’s largest digital identity network built on the shared intelligence from billions of transactions across some of the world’s largest businesses.

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