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Legitimate Users and Content Access for Better Brand Integrity

Protect Against Fake User Content While Building Trust

Illegal access to content outside of approved geographies, combined with spamming, and fraudulent bot-driven account creation, represent the key drivers of fraudulent transactions in the media space. Fraudsters and scammers target on-demand streaming providers, social networks, forums and digital content websites with hijacked and fake credentials. Illegitimate content and access not only pose problems for users but also has regulatory, contractual and brand implications. ThreatMetrix ensures that users are who they claim to be, by detecting accounts that may be compromised or falsely created.

Key Benefits

  • Preserve user trust by preventing identity theft, account takeover and other social networking fraud
  • Identify bots used to target social networking sites for financial gain
  • Prevent abusive behavior associated with bad conduct, spam or other malicious behavior in the community


10-15 Percent of Social Media Reviews are fake or Paid for By Companies

Fraudulent New Account Registration

Modest sign-up and authentication requirements and recent data breaches has led to hundreds of millions of user credentials increasingly being used to create new accounts at video streaming sites and social networks and forums. ThreatMetrix provides superior analysis of new account registration to find identity mismatches, suspicious behavior and other red flags—in real time. The ThreatMetrix layered approach identifies device associations (single device creating multiple accounts and origination requests from known malicious devices) and detects the use of proxies, spoofing (location, device and IP), and bots to effectively identify patterns, anomalies, velocities and trends to detect and stop fraud.

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Login and Content Access Protection

Fraudsters target streaming content sites, forums and social media network fraud to conduct a variety of illicit actions, including accessing restricted content, posting malicious content and reviews, spewing spam and other offensive material, and using false identities to compromise legitimate user accounts. ThreatMetrix enables companies to have more control over how they share content by providing better insights into end users’ personas including device, email, and location to make sure that the access request is authorized. This helps ensure compliance with regional distribution contracts while improving the viewing experience for trusted consumers.

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Mobile Application Security

As more users access content or engage with social networks on the go, targeted attacks toward mobile platforms and devices are on the rise. ThreatMetrix addresses these challenges with an easy to implement, user transparent solution for native iOS and Android Applications. ThreatMetrix provides mobile social network apps with the infrastructure and intelligence needed to verify the trustworthiness of a mobile device and the integrity of the host application. Legitimate social network users are immediately recognized and can conduct their transactions without additional authentication procedures.

What Our Clients Say

  • “ThreatMetrix moved fraud detection from random guesswork to systematic re-identification.”

    Rob Thompson, President and CEO, Chellaul Corp

  • “Fighting fake account creation is something we take seriously, always working on improving our strategies and trying new ideas. ThreatMetrix has been the most effective, and we see the impact directly in the metrics we monitor. The clearest gain was when we were able to launch ThreatMetrix directly in our mobile applications and saw the immediate drop off of fake account creation.”

    Chief Technology Officer, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

  • “We can create multiple rules for multiple situations and the comprehensiveness and flexibility ThreatMetrix offers leads to decreasing the number of payments a company might have previously marked as high-risk but which are in fact genuine.”

    Gill Wells, Payment and Fraud Manager, Badoo

  • “By helping us reduce our customers’ fraud rates, we’ve also been able to improve our corporate brand image and our ability to sell more. ThreatMetrix helped make all that possible.”

    Martin Schrimpff, Business Development Director, Pagosonline

  • “ThreatMetrix helps us maintain our outstanding reputation by protecting our customers. Plus, we are growing our business because ThreatMetrix keeps good customers from being unhappy.”

    Clemens Henle, Chief Operating Officer,

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