Enterprise Authentication

Avoid expensive breaches, expedite employee logins.

Prevent Cyber Criminals from Accessing Internal Resources while Accelerating Employee Logins

Remote Web access for internal business applications have increased employee productivity yet also created a major conduit for cybercriminals to attack. Employees often fall victim to phishing and malware attacks where their credentials are stolen and used by hackers to gain access to internal business applications. ThreatMetrix workforce internet security ensures that employees, contractors, customers and corporate partners connecting to Web-enabled business applications are who they claim to be, by detecting accounts that may be compromised and alerting security risk analysts before hackers log into sensitive Web applications. ThreatMetrix uses behavior analytics, advanced device identification and session hijacking malware detection capabilities to pinpoint potentially malicious access requests. By doing so, enterprises can rest assured that their sensitive corporate information is accessed only by those who are authorized to use it.

Key Benefits

Protect against potential data breaches from bots, illegitimate or compromised users

Detect phishing attempts and flag potentially compromised user accounts

Detect malware and targeted Trojans for users logged on to your Web applications

Enforce endpoint security compliance

Account Takeover Protection

When allowing internal employees and external business partners to access Web-based applications, businesses must prevent unauthorized access to confidential corporate information. With ThreatMetrix, you can secure your user accounts, ensure they are not compromised and are not a source of data theft.

ThreatMetrix account takeover protection detects compromised accounts across multiple dimensions, from understanding login attempts from suspicious devices and locations to detecting Trojans, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) malware, keyloggers, session hijacking and other Web-applications attacks.



30% of enterprises will use contextual authentication for remote workforce access by the end of 2016

Remote Access Protection

Enabling remote users to access Web-based applications provides vast benefits to your organizations. As such, user accounts on applications are critical entry points to various business systems.  ThreatMetrix ensures that employees with laptops and mobile devices are securely accessing critical information.

ThreatMetrix’s layered solution profiles devices accessing remotely and incorporates user identities and behaviors, known as Persona ID, to identify anomalies.  A customizable policy engine enables organization to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies, and configure them based on their business processes and tolerance for risk.

Behavioral Insight

Employees have access to applications through different channels, such as web and mobile, and this flexibility could expose organizations to more risk. ThreatMetrix enables visibility into user activity occurring across all the relevant applications they use, for example when they login, or when they perform a transaction, across all the channels they access through. When applications share a common user profiling solution like ThreatMetrix, they are able to share and correlate seemingly disconnected security incidents in real-time.


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